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AES International was founded in 2004. Their aim was and continues to be to promote positive change in international financial services in order to deliver better outcomes for clients.

Our financial planning services are tailored specifically for the needs of expat clients with cross-border needs.


Clients are often very unique in their requirements, depending on where in the world they live and their particular life circumstances; with such a variety of lifestyles and circumstances, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work.

Our bespoke approach considers the client’s needs in totality to devise a financial plan that will take care of different aspects of the client’s financial requirements.

Our success is built upon exporting UK best practice around the globe, a next generational, new model, team-based approach with an intense focus on delivering the very highest quality and most professional services.






We specialize in providing independent pension, investment, banking and insurance advice to individuals based in the Middle East and other offshore jurisdictions. 

The financial decisions we make in life can have a huge bearing on the lives that we ultimately lead. The key to successful advice is creating a trusted relationship, demonstrating success and continual education.


All financial advice is specific to each individual and family and clients benefit from expert knowledge of the rules and regulations in the UAE and the Middle East.

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