Wholly transparent. Keeping costs low

When we think of investing we tend to think of growth, and the money we could be making. But often cost is over looked. Just like the effect compound interest can have on your money, so too can costs and charges. Compounding interest will see your capital rapidly grow, however compounding charges year after year will have a negative effect.


That's why it's important to keep your costs as low as possible. Find out how we do this

As an expatriate you will often play an active role in your wealth management and will have a solid understanding of wealth management principles.

Equally important is the need to share that understanding across generations so that the ability to protect the family’s wealth into the future does not rest solely with one person. Wealth management is more often than not a family enterprise.

Today, clients expect much more clarity and transparency from their financial adviser, the advice they are given and the products and services available to them.


More so now than ever clients expect a transparent and holistic approach when it comes to the management of their money. Transparency is paramount and rightly so. 



 Most clients and investors give little thought to the hidden costs that they may pay from the advice and products an advisor promotes.

The fees of commission-based advisers are almost always tied to specific products or services. The model misses so much of what clients actually need. The primary benefit of fee-based advice is that it will always be objective. There is little risk of a conflict of interest.


Fee based advisers practice with a much greater degree of objectivity and independence. The fee only structure ensures that at all times client’s best interests are at heart. Allowing you access to professional expertise while taking comfort in the objective and independent advice provided.

Please get in touch to understand the charge disclosure. Below are some of the routes to accessing fee-based advice. These include:



This will vary and is dependent on the specific piece of work that needs to be undertaken



The fee will vary depending on the complexity of the task


Clients are charged an annual management fee in return for providing an ongoing holistic advisory service. This fee is usually dependent on the number of assets under management