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Scientific and Evidence-based investing aims to capture the returns of the market through a low-cost, diversified and long-term investment strategies.

It offers the best path for a successful investment experience.



Low cost portfolios

An active investing strategy aims to outperform the market. The goal is to beat a particular benchmark. Active investing means you (or a mutual fund manager or other investment advisor) are going to use an investment approach that typically involves research such as fundamental analysis, micro and macroeconomic analysis and/or technical analysis, because you think picking investments in this way can deliver a better outcome than owning the market in its entirety.

With a passive investment approach you buy index funds and own the entire spectrum of available stocks and bonds. With a passive approach you simply want to make money based on the collective outcome of all stocks and bonds pooled together.

One of the main variables when considering which approach to take is the cost involved. More and more investors are taking note that the high fees they pay a fund manager to manage their money often aren't yielding better results.

Contrary to the impression you might get from the advertising produced by the funds industry, very few active fund managers are able to consistently outperform the markets they aspire to beat. For example, analysis of the UK All Companies sector at the end of 2010 showed that only 24% of actively managed funds managed to beat the benchmark stock market (the FTSE All Share) over the previous decade. 


Passive funds track an index or a basket of companies. While they may be less glamorous, they're also a lot cheaper than their more active peers.

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Expert Guidance

Clients benefit from access to an In-house investment committee. The committee ensures all clients receive robust, well-researched, professional investment advice, delivered in a consistent, coherent manner.


The investment committee meets every quarter to consider important areas such as market performance, fund managers, investment performance and macro-economic data. The investment management approach offers clients a diversified investment proposition where overall risk control is achieved by the careful selection and combination of managers pursuing different investment disciplines across their respective asset classes

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Making you more money

Just as important as getting growth on your money is keeping the cost of investments to a minimum.


Thats why we favour  ETF's and passive investments.

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Investment selection based on science

Most investing can be considered, either: emotional, reactionary or noise-driven. Investors often hunger for an inside scoop on what the market will do based on an event, be it a real event or imagined. However one of the keys to investment success is, quite simply, to avoid the noise. The constant drumbeat of extraneous information and actions based upon this noise is considered behavioral. Evidence-based investing is essentially the opposite of behavioral investing. 


The origins of evidence based investing parallel evidence-based medicine. This method  essentially accepted research to optimize the decision-making thought process for the best outcome for the patient.  Sticking to the medical thesis, why would a doctor recommend a different, more costly solution if the current path to wellness has been proven time and again? You can read more on evidence based investing here

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